Harmonising Quality

All our innovations have a harmonious quality assurance program which enables us to usher our customers to a "front row seat" at the leading edge of technology. Our teams of engineers utilise existing Project Management strategies to highlight key areas for inspection and development to ensure the best product for our customers.

Breaking through Barriers

We do not see the current edge of innovations as a barrier or a wall; rather we view them as an opportunity to take an unprecedented approach in the field of technology. With this in mind ‘H.B.T Plus’ can be counted upon to produce revolutionary new products that will still reflect not only today’s market but for the enthusiasts of tomorrow.

Breaking through the aforementioned barriers is not just seen on a technological viewpoint but on a peoples view also. Our company seeks to provide quality cooling products that not only look good but will help to increase the life of our customer’s systems.

Taking the longer view

Our company analyses current and future market trends in order to bring only the best ideas and concepts to fruition. The market changes on a daily basis as trends are replaced by ever more revolutionary ones and as such our company will be there to bridge the gap between present and future designs. Always striving for the pinnacle of quality and creative solutions H.B.T plus will always be more than just the cutting edge of technology.

"Plus" for going that Extra mile.

Is for going that extra mile as we believe a single year warranty is not enough and as such we provide two years guarantee for every product we manufacture.

As such HBT+ will go to extra lengths to insure customer satisfaction, this is why we implement a customer-feedback solution where the end-user can contact us directly with ideas, suggestions and enquiries.

The core tenement of our business concept is to revolutionize the service given to customers, so they are not’ left out in the cold’.

Company History

H.B.T+ is a new company- having formed in early 2015, however its concept is born from a much earlier date.

Our CEO having spent many years within the performance cooling and computer chassis market and grew concerned about the apparent lack of innovation being brought forward into the market.

Facing stagnation the founder of H.B.T plus decided to innovate and reinvigorate this section of the market.

With the above in mind we have set out to challenge and change the PC market forever with a continuous refresh of products in the I.T. and Enthusiast markets while also introducing a myriad of differing products to satisfy demands for years to come.