June 15th, 2016, Taipei, Taiwan—As a company focusing on enthusiastic cases and cooling products, HBT (HonBon Tec) still fully supports the COMPUTEX 2016 Taipei Computer Show.


Although this is the 2nd Computex for HBT,HBT attracted not only those invited guests’ but also the attention in the industry using the diversity of innovative technology solutions presented in the VIP room.



Currently DIY consumers are very fond of water cooling, HBT Arctica series coolers feature a full copper waterblock base and its high quality water pump provides better cooling performance over a typical heatsink. Arctica 120, Arctica 240 series are perfect examples of HBT’s accelerating competitve power in water cooling products.


Gravity 6 series cases have wonderful structural strength and toughness, the cutting edge also highlights its elegant design.


HBT has been committed to strengthen their R & D efforts though the creation of fans and other thermal solutions, using new technologies we can improve airflow and noise control. As a result our Case Fans Axe 120/ 140 & CPU Air Cooler “Fort v1” provide a stable cooling platform for games and other programs and comfort to the users.


HBT has set out to challenge and change the PC market forever with a continuous refresh of products for the I.T. and Enthusiast markets while also introducing a myriad of differing products to satisfy demands for years to come.