HBT launches two high-end AIO watercoolers------Arctica 120/Arctica 240.

2016/6/23, Taipei Taiwan – People have always been fascinated with overcoming limitations and inventions like the car and airplane were created to make travel fast and fun. The same is true of the enthusiast PC where the quest to have the best hardware and the fastest system often requires a special kind of solution. HBT has launched two high-end AIO cooling solutions to address the needs of overclockers. -- Arctica 120 and Arctica 240


The Arctica series features a neutral black and white color scheme so to blend well with any system build and still deliver the visual aesthetics many users demand of their cooling solution. High quality rubber hoses ensure ease of installation and long term prevention of leaks.


The Arctica comes with a very large heatsink base to aid in heat dissipation while providing more surface area for fast and efficient cooling.


A white LED is turned on when Arctica is active providing users with a visual indication that their system is working properly.


Arctica120/240 radiators are one-piece designs, the water head, pipe, water pump and cooling modules are integrated together to make installation easy for even the most basic of DIY players. Arctica comes prefilled with coolant and requires no maintenance throughout the lifetime of the cooler.


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